Simple, yet amazing, and highly acoustic, PRO-STRETCH is not a regular panel. PRO-STRETCH is a system which comes with unique components, for an efficient on-site coordination, timely installation, and many other benefits. 


TRACK: A flexible extrusion, available in a variety of profiles and thicknesses. Flexible track profiles mean any configuration or shape is possible. Combining track profiles creates an infinite number of design possibilities.

ACOUSTIC CORE: A rockwool insulation, available in various thicknesses to meet specific acoustic performance requirements.

ACOUSTIC FABRIC: An acoustically transparent fabric, available in standard and custom colours, textures or digitally printed graphics.

 Ideal for new construction, refurbishment or retrofit. PRO-STRETCH is the right choice for your next cinema project. 

EASY TO INSTALL: PRO-STRETCH installs quickly and easily onto all types of wall and ceilings - drywall (plasterboard), concrete etc.

TIMESAVING: PRO-STRETCH is a site-built system. Precise site measurements are not required, eliminating unnecessary fabrication time and various installation challenges.

VERSATILE: PRO-STRETCH does not require a smooth and perfect surface. Installation conceals slight imperfections on fire taped and rough sanded surfaces. 

DURABLE: PRO-STRETCH minimises the costly maintenance and damage issues typical of cinema environments. 

EASY TO SHIP: The system components are lightweight and pack efficiently, minimising the impact of shipping.

ORIGINAL: Bespoke and contemporary PRO-STRETCH designs distinguish any cinema as a state-of-the-art entertainment venue, as well as enhancing the moviegoing experience with superior acoustic features - NRC as high as 1.00.

PRO-STRETCH is an eco-friendly acoustic design solution.

Manufactured with durable low-emitting components
No added formaldehyde
Eco-friendly production practices and organic raw materials
Post-consumer content
100% recyclable and reusable components
Contribution towards recognised environmental standards