Over 25 years of experience and expertise in cinema and architecture. 
A unique and comprehensive product range. 
Hundreds of successfully completed projects in more than 60 countries.

eomac is originally established as a provider of acoustic wall and ceiling treatments for multiplex cinemas in 1990. Today, eomac is a trusted industry leader, offering a wide range of cinema and architectural products, a responsive and informative Business Development Team, experienced Installation Crews and Project Managers, and an expert in-house Technical Team to serve you better.
With locations in North America and the UK , eomac is well positioned to handle projects globally. No matter where you are, eomac are able to provide the best customer service, best quality products and best possible on-site performance.

Our goal is customer satisfaction. Happy clients are our identity.

eomac is dedicated to delivering superior projects on time and on budget regardless of size, complexity or geographic location. Our priority is fulfilling the needs of our customers, by providing them with the highest quality products and services in the fields of cinema and architecture.

At eomac, we don't only manufacture and install products; we work to ensure every product we offer meets the most stringent industry standards, building codes and fire regulations. Through a close working relationship with building contractors, ISO-certified manufacturers, designers, architects, and product testing laboratories worldwide, eomac offers innovative solutions, continuity and professionalism. 

eomac constantly strives to achieve higher standards of business.

Going green is simple and positively impactful.

Concern for the environment pushes us to constantly strive for a greener way of doing business with increasing emphasis on the use of renewable resources and recyclable materials across eomac’s product range. Throughout our business, we have taken numerous steps to minimise our environmental footprint. Sustainable production methods and eco-friendly raw materials make eomac products eligible for recognised environmental standards including LEED and BREEAM. 

From youth sport clubs, to hospitals and cancer research clinics, eomac is happy to give back to the community. 
Here are some of the many greatest causes we happily continue to take a part:

MediCinema. Feel better with film.

 eomac is a proud supporter of the MediCinemas throughout the UK.

 "We put cinemas into hospitals so that patients can take a break from their worries and enjoy a trip to the movies. MediCinema improves the difficult reality of being in hospital or places of care for patients and their families by bringing them genuine moviegoing experiences to make them feel better. By creating a true cinema experience, MediCinema aims to enrich the lives of patients, many of whom are critically ill or disabled and spend extensive periods of time in hospital or undergoing treatment." — medicinema.org.uk

"When it comes to MediCinema, "Happy Faces" are the currency of success!"
— Mark Elliott, CEO, eomac

The Celebrity Hockey Classic Series in Support of Easter Seals.
Helping kids with physical disabilities succeed.

eomac made a team for a 3-game hockey tournament, to play with former NHL grates, under The Paul Coffey Celebrity Hockey Classic in support of Easter Seals. A big thank you to Team eomac, and our Associate Directors Matthew and Nathaniel Elliott, who played at the tournament. We couldn't do it without the generous donations of our business partners, colleagues and friends.
For more details on Easter Seals, and to make a donation please visit easterseals.org


Variety. The Children's Charity.

eomac supports Variety through National Association of Theatre Owners's fundraising events at various tradeshows.
For more details on Variety, and to make a donation please visit variety.org