The most economical, time-saving and flexible solution for permanent tiered seating platform construction — Go from clean slab to finished tiered seating platforms in days, not months.

PREFOAM™ DRY-FIT riser system by SSE, is engineered to meet the requirements of virtually any project requiring tiered stadium seating including:

•New construction of stadium riser platforms
•Converting the current sloped floor into stadium risers
•Overstepping of existing risers
•Virtually any shape or configuration in any height or depth

PRERFOAM™ DRY-FIT riser system utilises EPS Geofoam blocks for the structural support, and is based on a proprietary design for a plywood or cement board facing materials. The prefabricated system is easily and quickly assembled and installed, without having to introduce a wet trade (e.g. concrete) into the auditorium, which saves valuable time and money, and enhances the on-site productivity. 

EPS Geofoam blocks have very low density, good insulation, low hydraulic conductivity, as well as strength and deformation properties that complement soil behaviour (e.g. retaining structure for slope stabilisation). The primary materials can be locally sourced out, through SSE’s regional manufacturing partners throughout the world, providing further cost and time efficiencies. 

PREFOAM™ DRY-FIT riser system is 100% recyclable and made with a minimum of 10% post-consumed material. 

The use of prefabricated components and pre-cut EPS Geofoam, can save significant labour cost and installation time, compared to traditional stadium riser constructions.

Traditional methods of constructing stadium risers have used structural steel stud, timber framed or plywood formed concrete. Whereas PREFOAM™ DRY-FIT riser system involves the use of EPS Geofoam blocks as the primary material for a prefabricated system. 

EPS Geofoam is manufactured in different material types, with different physical properties and compressive strengths, based on the specific requirements of each project. The high compressive resistance and light weight of the EPS Geofoam, make it well-suited to both new construction and renovation projects. 

EPS Geofoam blocks are custom-manufactured in factory and shipped to site, then stacked on-site to create the desired profile. The modular system components are coded to match our detailed shop drawings, which clearly illustrate the exact size and location of each component to facilitate on-site coordination and timely installation.

One of the many other benefits of PREFOAM™ DRY-FIT system is the flexibility to shut down only half of the auditorium in an existing multiplex, while the other half stays operating during renovation.