Frameless fabric acoustic graphics in a contemporary slim-design LED lightbox — Less space for the box, more space for your messages.

in-LIGHT™ is a single self-contained display unit, made of acoustically transparent digitally printed fabric graphics, and energy-efficient dimmable LED lights, contained within a durable extruded aluminium setting. The depth of the lightbox is only 75 mm (less than 3"). On the view-side, the aluminium extrusions are almost invisible, providing a perfect frameless look.
in-LIGHT™ is available in standard and custom sizes.

Installation & Graphic Replacement

in-LIGHT™ can be suspended from the ceiling, mounted directly to walls and floors, or can be provided as a free-standing display unit. The creative design allows for graphic replacement within minutes. Our tension fabric graphics allow for a taut and wrinkle-free installation. No tools or expert installers are required - in most cases your cinema staff can do it. The lead time to produce new graphics is as quick as 5 business days from the approved artwork. Art and design services are available from eomac as required.


in-LIGHT™ is edge lit from inside. Hardwire and plug options are available. High-quality energy-efficient LED lights have a100,000 hours of lifespan. To make the product even more cost effective to operate, minimum number of LED lights are used, based on the selected lightbox size. The combination of ultra-bright LEDs, and our specialty light diffuser fabrics provide a vivid, shadow-free and even backlit illumination throughout the graphics.


in-LIGHT™ is made in Canada, and designed to ship and install easily and effectively across the world. Durable and lightweight system components are shipped disassembled. Assembly and installation are completed on-site.