eomac offers prefabricated suspended acoustic ceiling panels in a variety of different styles. In addition to fabric, each style is also available in wipeable and mouisture-resistant finishes.


Suspended on back of the panel.


Suspended on edge of the panel.


Supplied in an aluminium T frame.

High-end acoustic performance. Quick and easy access to ceilings.

PRO-CLOUDs are suspended on back of the panel from above. Prefabricated PRO-CLOUDs can be wrapped with standard fabrics, custom fabrics, digitally printed acoustic fabric graphics, or custom wipeable and moisture-resistant finishes.

PRO-CLOUDS are available in:

Standard and custom shapes and sizes
Standard and custom fabric-wrapped edge profiles
Custom aluminium edge profiles

High-end acoustic performance. Quick and easy access to ceilings.

PRO-BAFFLE is a two-piece construction, consisting of two 25 mm (1") acoustically absorbent panels, mounted back to back.
Baffles are suspended on edge from above. Mounting hardware is factory installed.  
Both sides of the baffles are exposed, maximising the absorptive surface introduced into the space.
PRO-BAFFLE is fully-finished on all sides - available in standard and custom fabrics or digitally printed graphics.
In addition to fabric, wipeable and moisture-resistant finishes are available.

Maximum acoustic performance with less panels per area.

PULSAR BAFFLE system consists of CLICK PULSAR textile moulded acoustic tiles combined with an aluminium structural T frame.
The system is suspended on edge from above, with both sides exposed.
Structural T frame comes with pre-installed eye hooks to hang the baffles easily and quickly.
No glue or VOC is used in production. All components are 100% recyclable.
PULSAR BAFFLE is available in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, colours, and digitally printed graphics.